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Ink products can be extremely profitable, although as you know, there is more to running a successful business than just price. We offer you the perfect infrastructure, and firm foundation to launch your own internet business.

We source products from some of the finest Ink Supply wholesalers in the industry, and offer them to our members, at discount prices. The majority of the products that will be offered, will be below RRP (recommended retail price), meaning you should have no problems attracting customers and sales. Making sales of all products including Ink, comes down to some marketing, which we can provide you help with.

As with any business, not all of the Ink products will have the widest margins, although the pure fact that you will be offering a whole range of Ink products,  means that you will also create the 'superstore' effect, whereby you will often find that customers looking to purchase multiple items, will complete the transaction in one venue simply because they are being offered.

Obviously, when offering Ink products, you are tapping into a huge market; a market which runs into tens of millions of pounds per year for the industry. By completing a little marketing, and promotion, you really will place yourself into a position to tap into a lucrative market place.

As mentioned elsewhere on the website, you will never have to physically hold, or post any orders to your customers, the dropship website that you will gain immediate access to, takes care of all order fulfilment, leaving you free to concentrate on the important aspects of running your business, and attracting custom.

Your are about to enter the fantastic, and profitable world of Ink products.


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